Friday, October 14

STEP forward my DEAR :)

when I HEARD from one of my friend that his mother was in charge in a HOSPITAL, suddenly I think about my MAMA, I MISS my MAMA so much, miss her voice and her babbling over my ear..I've never BELIEVE that i have grown up, I still want my MAMA to hold my HAND and say, come on my DEAR, step FORWARD, mama will hold you. BUT now everything already change, I have grown up, have my own problem, have to think for a better life and was far apart from her to make something more valuable for my future here, the thing that make me sad is I CANNOT see her EYE and FACE when I woke up every MORNING.. MAMA, I still want to CRY on your shoulder when I have a problem, still want you to treat me as a BABY, feed me every time I was hungry, bring me to shower, and play with me.. I MISS that moment so much, Mama always remind me that I must changes myself, do not become a childish anymore, do something new in my LIFE, mama will not be by my SIDE FOREVER, because when the DAY come, she will GO.. she asked me to choose a right PERSON to replace her by MY side, but I believe that no one can replace her inside my HEART, she will always be mine forever.. MAMA, I promise you that I will take care of myself and not doing something that can make you shame because of me and I will make you PROUD of me someday..
p/s : Hoping that MAMA and ABAH will be my side on the day I success and want them to be proud with me. and the most important thing, I want to repay back for their hardness in growing me up. LOVE both OF YOU so MUCH...

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